Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday 2:30pm Neo-Pagan/Christian Panel Discussion

Welcome to the Saturday Pagan/Christian Discussion Panel.

There are three Pagan women who will be on the panel. It was tough to get this group at this time, because so many people are away, and involved with a Beltane event, but somehow we've got an unblelievably cool group of three on this panel:

Teri Kalgren is a long time Salem Witch, and the head of the Witches' Education Bureau - she is an herbalist, and a very knowledgeable one at that. She owns two stores in town - The Broom Closet, and Artemesia Botanicals.

Suzy Wade is an ADF Druid, and owns a Celtic Gift shop called Special Creations. She is the ritual director for the Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride event.

Krista Grillo is a solitary Witch who recently quit her job at Christian Book Distributors where she worked for about 6 years - can you imagine pimping Jesus product as a Witch!? :-)

Presenting the panel, and asking questions from a Christian Perspective are Pastor Phil Wyman of The Gathering, and JJ the Smu - John Smulo from Sacramento, CA. (see John's Blog here


cerndeosil said...

Hugs to all the panel, but particularly Krista, who we've met and are very fond of. :)

Sounds like it's going fabulously. :D



g13 said...

where are all our live bloggers?!

get to work, you lazy bums! some of us had to stay home today....

A-Typical Sociologist said...

Jeff, Today was was more church than conference. The different types of worship were pretty nice, a change of pace. Tony Jones touched on a lot of issues that Jay Baker discussed last night. One of the main points is the spreading of the Christ by forsaking our idiosincratic selves. For example if you are a lesbian pastor, Chrsit needs to be more important than Gay/Lesbian/ Feminist politics.

Before Girl said...

Mike! Nice to hear from you. It went very well. I loved every minute of it.

cerndeosil said...

Excellent stuff Krista. It's fun, if a little bit daunting, being a part of 'the panel' isn't it. You think I'd get used to it by now, having taken the roleabout half a dozen times already. :D

It will be interesting to see where things go from here. :)



Pastor Phil said...

Hey Mike,

Wish you could have been here as well.

Pastor Phil said...

Thanks for a great job in what could have been an intimidating audience for many people.