Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Live Blogging from God For People Who Hate Church

May 4-6th - yep that only 3 days away! - we will provide some live blogging from our conference. Topics and themes of teachings and panel discussions will be provided by various observers. Carly Menasco, Kevin Menasco, Josh Rivera (see His blog rivera's Blog), and others will take a hand at some live commentary. If you follow the blogging on THIS BLOG SITE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW (no clicking because you are already here), you can send some questions from distant places and get involved.

If you want to find the schedule for the conference, and follow along, go to our church website and follow the link to conference flyer. Of course, you will need to add or subtract hours to adapt to Eastern Standard Time US.


mark said...

I'll try to be here.. although it will be a busy time for me.. :)


John Smulo said...

I'll be blogging at the conference too at http://johnsmulo.com