Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Service 2011

Good Friday musings at The Gathering today:

Gathered by candle light around the reproduction of the celtic cross from Drumcliffe, Ireland.

"Cast a cold Eye on Life on Death, Horseman pass by" These are words upon the grave stone of William Butler Yeats who is buried in the graveyard at the church in Drumcliffe, Ireland. They were not a focus of our time together tonight but they do highlight some of our thoughts.

We talked about the revolution which is the cross - a revolution which eventually shall overthrow all the Kingdoms of this world through a violent sacrifice of love.

Jew and Gentile, Church and State, You and I are responsible for the death of Christ.

Heather Leigh asked a what if question - what if the end was not determined or known by God, but it was big chance He was taking? This is a great Good Friday question, because we are faced with that same question every time we are forced to live out the revolutionary nature of the cross of Christ.

We also talked about the dead tree which the Lord was hung upon, and how it seems to speak of this earth day. The dying Creation was used by humanity to torture and kill the shepherd of the earth. How apocalyptic can it get?

David Gerard helped organize the service - thanks David.