Saturday, March 31, 2007

God for People Who Hate Church - One Month Away!


Jay Bakker, Jim Henderson, and Tony Jones are coming to Salem for our upcoming conference. Pass the information on, and maybe even invite a friend to come to part or all of the event.

We have noticed a growing phenomenon: People who are interested in God, but are struggling with the idea of going to church. In response to this cultural trend, we have developed the conference God For People Who Hate Church

We are just a month away from the conference. The registration page on our website is up and running. People can register for parts of the convention, or for the entire convention. The three days of convention comes with a lunch in a local Salem establishment on Saturday afternoon, and the cost for all is $75. You can read more about the conference by visiting the home page of our website. There you will find the conference flyer, and be able to download the information, or register for the event.

Once you have decided that you want to be there, or perhaps that you have a friend you want to bring you can go to the registration page

Grace and Goodness to You,
Pastor Phil