Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday 10am - Athiests and Humanists and Christians: a Panel Discussion

Jim Henderson from holds a discussion with three local Atheists and/or Humanists. This is not a debate, but a discussion to see Christianity from an outsider’s perspective.

Joining us today is Jonas Green (who is a good friend of The Gathering), Michael Bleiweiss who is also a member of Ethical Society in Boston, and Lou Jacobsen a local humanist who has spent the last 30 years working in Christian environments (as a administrator for military Chapels, and now still working in a Christian environment).

This is an incredible panel. All three guys are of Jewish heritage. Lou's experience with Christians for 25 years gives him a unique view of Christianity. Jonas goes to a UU church for community, and is a decidedly solid atheist. Michael is a third generation atheist (Wow! I never heard this before) - he describes his upbringing as socialist/communist, and his mother got kicked out of school for selling the Daily Worker paper.

Michael is a physicist, Lou has a Master's in psychology, and Jonas is a computer brainy guy tech at a large firm.

As a side note John Smulo and Prof. Carlos Z are conducting live blogging this morning, check their posts.

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