Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conference Makes the News! - Christian Science Monitor

The conference made the news. Jim Henderson and I look pretty darn handsome there. Okay, I'm blowin' smoke, but heck we're making news.

Melanie took the photos, and we laughed a bunch through the experience. Jane Lampman who wrote the story was very easy to talk to, and she reminded me so much of my own Christian Science upbringing. I enjoy watching Jim in these interview situations. He's been there - done that, and really has a great way of turning a quote, and making the interviewer feel comfortable and cared for. Now that's a turn of events, eh?

So, here's Christians and atheists start a calmer dialogue. Read on reader -->


Adam Gonnerman said...

Congrats! I found an article (maybe the same?) that mentions Phil, the Gathering and the conference. A link is available in a post on Igneous Quill today.

Sally said...

excellent article- well done all

cerndeosil said...

That was a COOL article. Good stuff. :)



Pastor Phil said...

Hey Adam,

Yep, that was it. Thanks for the link bro!

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Sally,

She wrote a great article, and was a pleasure to meet as well. The Monitor has always been a high quality paper.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks bro.

Pastor Phil said...
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