Friday, May 04, 2007

Lending An Ear to Jim Henderson

Hey this is dr james logging in under Phil's moniker to give you the latest on the haps here in Salem. Jim Henderson from off-the-map is giving us an account on some of the innovative methods he has used in attempting to gain a better understanding on outsiders perspectives on Christianity.

Jim's a pretty intuitive guy, and is calling for a more level headed approach to befriending non-believers, as well as asking us to engage in more practical methods of discussion on Christianity and religion as a whole.

As some of you may know, Henderson is the guy who won the soul of an atheist off of Ebay. As he is someone who is passionate about "rescuing Jesus from religion" (his words) he took the opportunity to ask this atheist to simply attend a number of church services with no strings attached. From this he gained a clearer understanding of how this person understood Christians and the God we serve.


A-Typical Sociologist said...

I agree James, but actually he is deeper and is touching on some sociological ideals but from a Christian standpoint. If one is interested check out my blog,

John Smulo said...

I'm live blogging at the conference too at, and thought I'd live comment too. Enjoyed your thoughts about Jim.

james said...

Carlos, i agree too. I just can't keep up with all the great thoughts Jim is discussing. Not fast enough. I loved when he said the worst answer you can give when discussing matters of faith with non-christians is "because the bible says so."

mark said...

this could be quite interesting :)