Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good Friday, and Easter Gatherings

Thursday, March 20 the darkness begins to recede. and the days grow longer. During the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, the day is divided evenly between darkness and light, but this balance tilts as we move toward summer.

On Friday, March 21st we celebrate Good Friday, the day in which Jesus Christ died, and was buried in the cave tomb at Golgotha. Christianity remembers this as the day of greatest spiritual darkness in human history - the day of the death of our Lord. Yet it precedes the day of greatest spiritual light and hope - the Day of Resurrection.

Join us this Easter for the celebration of the passing of darkness and the cold, and the coming of the light and the warmth.

Good Friday, March 21st 7pm - Liturgy at The Vault - 217 Essex Street, Salem
a meditation and prayerful reminder of the Day of Great Darkness

Easter Sunday, March 23rd, 10am - Joy of the Light - 217 Essex Street, Salem
a celebration of the Miracle of Light and Hope

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