Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chris' Baptism

Chris' baptism reminded me, yet again, what a beautiful thing it is for God to call a person to Himself and incorporate that individual into the body of Christ.

this was a day i won't soon forget and i thought y'all would want to see the video.


Further Notes from "Jeremiah:"

Chris was baptized last Sunday. It was a wonderful moment for all of us.

Most of us at the Gathering hold to some sort of born-again experience. Just as there are many forms of our "capitulating" encounter(s) with Jesus, God presents baptism, a core sacrament in every believer's life, in many ways as a unique, individual, relational encounter with God. For me, baptism is more than just symbol, but also not a magical, protective incantation. Jesus knew we were folks trapped in space and time. Baptism provides with a "living liturgy" to remind us through the rest of our life in Jesus of His encompassing love.

Welcome to the family Chris - not just the Gathering family, but the family of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ.

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Pastor Phil said...

I loved seeing the video. Thanks Mike C for doing the video work, and getting it to us so promptly. Chris - you rock! You too Mike.