Monday, March 17, 2008

Pub Theology #2

Pub Theology #2 is happening at The Old Spot in Salem - across from the Hawthorn Hotel. 7pm on Tuesday Evening is the time. The subject of discussion will be the benefits, excesses, harmful results, and purposes behind asceticism. Is it still a practice worth considering? Has it lost it's medieval and brutal interest, or is there something we still might gain from it today? Whadayathink of that for a hot topic!? Hope to see you there.


Kieran Conroy said...

How'd things go folks? Don't leave us hanging! :)

Some ascetic practice is something I'm working on lately... trying to fast on a weekly basis, and in special time for prayer. I never like fasting/"got it" in the past, but there is something about putting yourself in a liminal, difficult state, esspecially in solidarity with those you pray for. My Muslim friends tell me there are studies of its health benefits coming out of their communities. I'm also pondering ways fasting can be combined with social justice, sharing some of the money you share on food on that day with those who have less.

We're planning a $2 dollar a day even here at Harvard Divinity and several Boston area schools in April- basically trying to live on what the world has to live on regularly for 3 days, and combine it with some events, fundraising and a speaker.

Also coming to appreciate the need for daily practice of prayer/meditation of some sort... just stilling the mind, coming before God in an intentional way. I'm still working on doing it, mind you, but see the value in it.. and other ways to slip daily discipline into ones life.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Kieran,

You are a day early. It happens tonight! We'll let you know.

Kieran Conroy said...

Horaay for time loss due to papering. :P