Monday, October 29, 2007

Streams Ministries Interns

For the seven busiest days of our outreach here in Salem, we will see over 50,000 people pass our stage. We will give away thousands of cups of free hot cocoa, and best of all, this provides the impetus for people to stop, hang out in our area (which is the primest, of prime spots in town, and then stand in line to receive free Dream Interpretation, or Spiritual Readings in the booths which are set up.

Over the last 4 years, interns from Streams Academy School of Ministry have joined us to provide the bulk of Dream Interpretation. I train them in the skills of communicating to Neo-Pagans, and then they hit the streets for seven days of ministry. This year we have been joined by another 30 people from local Bridge Churches.

So far there have been great stories from the people serving. So here is a retelling of one story from Broi who shared her experience with us this last Sunday morning. She was doing a spiritual reading for three giirls, and felt moved to say that one of the girls would receive peaceful rest from this day on. The girl began to cry, and said that she was tormented with an inability to sleep well, and would even sleep walk at times. She had even cut herself during these times of sleepwalking. Broi spoke blessing to her, and declared that she would rest well for this day on.

The following morning the girls returned to Salem, even though they were on their way back home to tell Broi that the sleepless girl had slept so peacefully, and well that the other girls could not wake her up that morning.

This is just a small example of the thousands of interactions which we have each year.

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