Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween Children's Day - Today!

That's right. We at The Gathering sponsor a Halloween Children's Day. Dominos Pizza helps organize it with us, and we provide the volunteers. There will be a costume contest, and prizes for three age groups, free entertainment, and inflatable rides, and slides, and more.

This is the twelfth annual of this event. We took over the reigns of this event about five years ago when the Haunted Happenings committee disolved, and the day was going to be ended. So we ganged up with Dominic Benvenuti from Dominos, and kept the day alive.

10am to 5pm is the time, and it happens on the Salem Common. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to all the people from the Gathering who will be there tomorrow - Bev, Jeff, Jeff, Kellie, Diane, Kevin, Carlos, Carl, Melissa, Joanne, Stef, Mike, Elijah, Rhonda, Elizabeth, Phillip, Jim, and I know I am forgetting a few, but will remember them in the thank yous manana.

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