Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10pm and just getting to Blogging

We had three bands this evening: The Robb Taylor Band, Mamadou Diop, and Tom Conlon. We love Tom, and he was experiencing Salem on Halloween for the first time - it was tamer than he expected. Of course, now it is getting wild on the streets, and the police are moving people toward the train station, and the ending fireworks show.

Hundreds of people went through dream interpretations, "spiritual readings" (which is a form of propphetic ministry), and our confessional booth.

The sign waving folks from Repent America came by to tell uus that we aere ompromising, or getting into syncretism because we are doing Dream Interpretation - darn, someone should have told that to Daniel, and perhaps his book should be removed from the scriptures. Later in the evening, one of their crew was arrested.

Well, I have to walk toward home now, and will perhaps post some more thoughts a little later, but then again I have to be off to the airport by 5:00am to head for the Off the Map Conference in Seattle.

I love this place.


Lainie Petersen said...

Wow. Sounds like an amazing time. Hopefully I will be able to join you next year!

I'll pray for safe travels to Off the Map, as well. :-)

g13 said...

apparently our theology is abhorrent to repent america but our toilets are quite acceptable.

i know hospitality is important, but there were times that the gathering space felt like a preacher's lounge or something.

in other news, the evening was beautiful. thank you for all you do.

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