Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Josh, Church History, and A Knight's Tale

So, Josh has been with us for a couple weeks now. He has been working with us down at the church during the days, and staying with Carlos in Danvers. He has applied for a job at the hospital, and is preparing already for his first short term missions trip to Wales, and Scotland in the summer.

Tuesdays is basics of the Faith night at The Gathering. We've had a group of about 15 each week so far. Tonight James, and I covered 2,000 years of chruch history in an hour and 45 minutes. Darn! we went 15 minutes over. Oh well - I had a blast team teaching with James.

On Sunday Night, If you missed it, Mike Crockett taught on the Kingdom of God using a portion of the movie A Knight's Tale as his reference point. Cool - very cool.

Any thoughts on all this stuff? Leave a comment.

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BJ said...

Hey, we miss Josh but we're glad he's being used by God.

(one of the youth leaders in his old youth group)