Sunday, January 21, 2007

Josh is on His Way!

Our Floridian buddy Josh is almost here. He turned 18 a week ago, and today (Sunday the 21st) left Florida with his dad, to drive up here to live, learn, and minister in Salem. He was so excited about the minstry over Halloween, he simply wanted to move up and help us out, and learn from us.

I think that he has some nasty weather to make it through on the drive, but he should be here Monday night, and will be staying with Carlos for awhile at least.

Pray for his job search, he has a few leads but needs to be able to able to nail a job down soon.

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gerbmom said...

Hey, I found your website today and I am interested in your church. We are from the midwest, but my daughter will be attending Gordon college in the fall. We are part of an emerging church in the Chicago area ( and she is sad to be leaving this community. We would be interested in knowing more about your church - my email is Thanks so much!