Wednesday, February 14, 2007

May Conference - God for People Who Hate Church

Here's a quick little note on a conference we are going to be doing here in Salem May 4-6.

You got it right the name of the conference is:

No joke! We are crazy enough to really do a conference with that title. Not only are we crazy enough to do that, but check out the line up!

Jay Bakker - Mr. One Punk Under God
Jim Henderson from
Listen to Jim
Tony Jones from Emergent Village

We will hold a few interesting sessions such as a dialogue with atheists, and another with some of our Pagan friends to learn what it is we do which offends the people we think we should be reaching.

We will hold an open dialogue about rethinking church, and hopefully find some unique ideas which excite our hearts.

There will be some late night movies on Friday and Saturday: Perhaps we'll check out Jesus Camp, or Frisbee: Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher

Maybe this is too radical for you. Maybe this is just what you are looking for. Anyway - You'll see more info later, and it will pop up on our church website soon too.

Wanna join us for the conference?

Registration materials are coming out any day now, but for now e-mail us, and we will get the information to you by snail, or by ch-ee-tah-mail Pastor Phil Wyman at The Gathering


MM said...

Sounds awesome Phil!

Pastor Phil said...

Cool huh? I hope we can redefine conferences which are usually quite boring ot me.

Agent B said...

Yeah...I'm not much of a conference guy.

But I'd go to that one.

Hope all is well for yall.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey B Dude,

The next will be called Conference for People Who Hate Conferences.

IZenBet said...

i'm so excited about this confrence! i have a lot of friends who are atheist/agnostic who prejudged me as cool before realizing i'm a Jesus freak.
i can't wait to see amberlynn again:-)!
it's an answered prayer that she's a part of this...

Todd Fadel said...

we did an collaborative arts experiment for folks who hate conferences:

Pastor Phil said...


I checked it out, and I love it!