Friday, January 11, 2008

Serving Free Hot Cocoa at Salem Bonfire

Last Night a group of us helped serve free hot cocoa, and provide the music behind the burning of the Christmas Trees at Dead Horse Beach in Salem. This is our fourth year of helping to make the event more fun.
My mom (Dorothy Jenkins) has been with us for a couple months, and is headed back home Monday. Here she is with Bev serving up Cocoa.
The line was good and long for about an hour and a half as the 5,000 trees on the Christmas tree pile created a wonderful winter/New Year experience. Mike Crockett, Jim Burrell, Carlos Ziesel, Jeff Gentry, Jeff Menasco, and Kevin Menasco also were on hand to make the event happen.
As we took down the tents the fire got a little smaller, and the crowd started going home, but as you can see 5,000 trees can take a long time to burn.


Chris Jones said...

Man that's a huge bonfire! Did they need a fire engine responce to permit it being there!

Chris Jones -

Pastor Phil said...

You betcha. But then again it was the city which sponsored the event, and we just provide music and free hot cocoa.

Thanks for popping in Chris.