Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanks to the Minstrels

Below is a list of all the musicians who joined us to help make the Halloween Stage a great event. We can't thank all of you enough - you are way too cool!

Up the Octave (Brandeis University Singing Group)
Robin Lore
The Fran McConville Band
Cocofeesh (Steve Brandi, and Carl Nystedt)
Paul Duffy
The Starving Artists (Brandeis University)
Peter Mercier
Laura Bullock
Dave and Kirsten
Josh Sturgeon
ARRRRRRRRR (Pirate Sea Chanties)
Casey Abrams
Mike Beaulieu and 3:16
El Rancho
The Grateful Ted Project
Judy C
Jim Trick
Elysian Sky Unplugged
Mamadou Diop
Brooke Wilcox
Laurel Grove

Dear musicy groups and peoples - We could not do the things we do over the Hallween season without your help, and talent. Thanks in really big piles of ooey gooey drippy thanks.

If you have a note of thanks to give to them, click the little comment button below and leave thanks. Follow their links and buy their stuff, if they have stuff to sell.

Pastor Phil

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