Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blessings, Cursings and Chess

This last Sunday we played Chess during the service. While worship was going, during the times of prayer for the world, and during the teaching on the subject of blessing, a chess board in the middle of the room was the center of our attention. We talked about the mount of Blessing - Gerazim, and the mount of Cursing - Ebal. The black players represented Ebal, and the white players represented Gerazim. Anybody who knew how to play chess was invited to join the game, and make a move for their team during the service.

It was on these two mountains that Moses commanded the children of Israel to stand once they entered the promised land. Six tribes on each mount, and the Levites reciting the law in the valley below. When the curses were pronounced, the tribes on Ebal responded, "Amen." When the blessings were pronounced the tribes on Gerazim responded, "Amen."

Since Chess is like life itself, we discovered a number of illustrations in the game which relate to blessing, and cursing.

The most simple of these illustrations came from the beginning of the Bible, and the beginning of the chess game. White goes first - always. Blessing came first as well. Blessings are given by God before any curse falls upon the earth. We believe this illustrates God's heart toward us - it is a heart of blessing, which is shown by his first contact with life. It was the contact of blessing.

Other illustrations of spirituality came from the game: often blessings and curses do not occur all at once. Like a chess game which has forethought, and preparation, some moves planned for many moves ahead, blessing and cursing are granted on the basis of our action - our set up moves as it were. This law of reciprocation is found in many faith paths. As followers of Jesus we call this the law of Sowing and Reaping. Some people have called this law the three-fold law believing that things would come back to us three-fold.

Are there illustrations in Chess which speak to you about walking with God?

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