Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Vault in The Vault

Yes, we call our meeting place The Vault. But we call it that because the big old vault is the main piece of furniture in the room. That room is now completely empty, and ready for painting.

Thanks to Mike Pelletier and his hard work, and for that old forklift he owns. Thanks to his hired help. Thanks to the guys from church who helped out. Glenn is a beast of a worker. Tom has been there for some good old dirty work, and yep that's me with with the crew. Jeff Menasco is not pictured, but he helped Glenn level the floor.

These pictures were taken by Kirsten who was visiting Tom and Mary. Thanks Kirsten.

I sure am looking forward to what this old vault space will become.


evan said...

Awesome! I know how much work that was.

Pastor Phil said...

Oh Yeah, you've been there done that.
Thanks bro

Kirsten said...

You're welcome! I do wish they hadn't turned out so blurry- that was a pretty old camera, so perhaps it's time I got a new one.