Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Join us in Prayer, Service and Giving this October

Here in Salem Massachusetts the coming months are our most active. With the onset of a revival in alternative spirituality, and the increased commercial success of the Halloween holiday Salem has become perhaps the world's most visited place for people interested in the occult and Witchcraft. This fact also places our small Christian church front and center in providing guidance to spiritual seekers in this new age of postmodern spirituality.

Our location on the Heritage Trial - the red line running through Salem's downtown, ensures that most of the million people who visit Salem each year walk by our front doors. While the tourism increases from the beginning of the summer, and peaks throughout October our location becomes more dynamic as an outreach center. This is why we are here - to touch our world with grace as it searches for meaning.

Our mission has expanded each year, and we now minister to thousands of people. Of course the cost of maintaining this ministry is significant, but our small group has done remarkable things in the ten years of ministry in Salem. We have accomplished outreach goals unheard of for churches much larger.

Below are highlights of our halloween events are discussed below in this YouTube clip:

People from all over the US, Canada, and even the UK have been participants in the our outreach programs. We have become a small church with a global impact.

Christians from across the globe come to learn new ways of impacting our rapidly changing society, and visitors from around the globe stop in to experience God in ways they have never before known.

Of course this comes with a great price. Time, energy, and money are sacrificed year after year by our small and committed group who hold fast to the belief that there is a God Who cares for all people, and wants to touch them with His love.

This is the time of year when the outreach expands beyond the capacity for us to carry by ourselves: a Children's Day with 2,000 to 3,000 locals in attendance, a stage with 10 days of live music, ministry tents with free spiritual counseling touching thousands of people who will stand in line, free hot cocoa to chilly visitors, and lessons with dramatic social commentary are all part of our upcoming Fall Outreach. In terms of time, energy and money we are stretched beyond ourselves.

And so it is at this time that we reach out to our friends and ask for your prayer, your consideration to join us in these labors of love during the month of October, and in financial support. Our small faithful group continues to hold a unique and significant place of prominence in a time, and in a place often thought to be devoid of Christian influence, and thousands of Christians and non-Christians from outside our four walls are influenced for the better by our outreach.

Like most of our nation during this current season, we too have been crunched by the financially challenging times. Your prayer, your words of support, the rolling up of your sleeves for those who can join us this October, and your generous giving continue to be the things which get us over the hump each year.

Will you join us in concern for our world, which passes by our doors in these coming months?

If you would like to be part of this October's Prayer Team simply e-mail me at pastorphil (at) request to be added to the list.

If you would like to join us in October as we touch the world, which comes to our door, you can e-mail me at pastorphil (at) asking for more information about joining the outreach this Fall.

If you would like to give toward this grand project and help fund these endeavors you can go to our website at and click on the make a donation button to reach the secure Paypal giving page.

May the Lord be Your Peace and Your Strength. Thank you for being part of our strength in Him.

Gwyn Eich Byd (A Welsh Blessing),
Pastor Phil


David said...

i cannot WAIT to be there :D:D:D i am SOOOOOO STOKED

see you soon :D

Pastor Phil said...

See you in October