Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Really Long, but Really Good Post on Emergent

So, here is a great post on the American Academy of Religion conference in San Diego. Some Emergent conversation was part of the agenda. There is the good and bad, or the pro and con of it in this post by Christine Scheller. Go here.


carl said...

I share Mclaren's frustration of over deconstructing when there needs to be more reconstructing.

Pastor Phil said...

Yes, I agree as well. Although people are in so many stages of faith, and both are needed. I think that deconstruction will probably lead the way for a while longer, because it is only through deconstruction that a reconstruction can occcur for those who are already in the faith.

Ruth said...

Hi Pastor Phil,

I have been checking in with your blog here and there. I really like to know what other Christians are doing and saying around the world. I checked out Christine's Blog and found it refreshing. I have been wondering what this "Emerging Church" is about and why it's causing such a rift.
Thanks for putting it out there.

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Ruth,

I tend to think the emerging conversation is bringing previously "rifted" groups. There is such a wild variation in this emergent conversation.