Monday, July 30, 2007

Headed to Eisteddfod

Thursday our team (Carlos Zeisel, Elizabeth Steadman, Mizumi Graham, Kevin Menasco, Josh Rivera, Pastor Phil) head for the UK. During this time we are there we will spend a week at the Royal National Eisteddfod working in Y Gorlan on Maes B. Translated that means we will be working in the sheepfold (a name for the food service tent run by a Christian organization) on the Youth Field where all the drinking and rock and roll occurs.

The above photo is a discussion occuring in front of some art whcih our team did on outr last trip to Eisteddfod 2 years ago. Please keep us in prayer.

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Guto said...

Having just spent the first few nights at the Eisteddfod, and now back home working before returning to Maes B from Wednesday on, I hope you get a great week there, I'm already looking forward to my first Pot Noodle and Cheese Rol at 5 in the morning!