Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stuff We're Doing in Witch City!

Well, here we are - 6 days into the Halloween season in Salem. Last Thursday was the parade to mark the opening of the season, and tomorrow we set up the stage inside the fountain on Essex Street.

A ton of metal and wood will be delivered, and we will arrange it into a stage. This weekend, on Saturday the 14th, we will sponsor, and run the 10th Annual Halloween Children's Day. (Scroll down on the link page to find the info.)

Movies begin playing at The Vault 3 times a week from now until Halloween.

BYOT Autumn Art Sale happens in The Vault this weekend also. Eli and Ra are running the art sale.

These are just three of the things we will be doing. Check out our calendar page (which I have already sent you to twice on this post) for more info.

See at the stuff!

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